Audio/Video, Entertainment, Home Systems

Home Theater

To understand Home Theater and the advances in the industry, one must take a look at a few key factors:

  • Home Theater packages are not just for the wealthy anymore.

    Many systems have become very affordable

  • Home Theater is no longer just movies and popcorn.

    Advances in console game machines by Nintendo and Sony, developments in home automation, and the explosion of the Internet, have made total family entertainment packages possible

Free standing speakers are just the beginning of Home Theater audio. Integrated in-wall wiring can allow for audio and video distribution to any room in the house, enabling every room to have quality picture and sound.

Web TV systems have become as integral to any home theater as the DVD player or Dolby Digital Surround Sound. With over 50 million on-line and more every day, the internet is here to stay and will only evolve further as technology advances. It is not unreasonable to foresee a time in the near future where the home theater of today will become the complete communications center, consisting of movies on demand, radio/TV, telecommunications, and internet access.

Combine a few home automation features and users can set viewing environments for their favorite movies or shows, with control of lighting, room temperature, audio volume, and source selection (TV, DVD, etc.). A simple setting or "scene", could be as simple as the verbal command of "It's movie time!". Hidden microphones would initiate the automation, dimming the lights, turn on the home theater components and begin playing the movie. The possibilities are nearly endless.


Whether you are building or remodeling, consider the security and sensibility of a home intercom system. Intercom stations placed at the front door and at convenient locations throughout the home can allow family members to identify visitors, day or night. Functioning as both a door chime and intercom, basic systems include a back lit call button for easy viewing at night. Any visitors pressing the button are announced by a pleasant two-stroke electronic chime. The door can then be answered or monitored from any room station.

For added security a video station can be joined with the master control for secure viewing and identification of visitors in any entry way. Options also include the ability to activate a door release button that controls either an electric strike within a standard door, unlocks a gate, or opens a garage door.

Whole House Audio

Fill your home with music or enhance your television with suround-sound provided by built-in speakers compatible with any audio system.
We can install in-wall wiring during construction for volume controls and speakers in any room of the house. Don't crank your stereo to hear it in the next room, direct it to built in speakers in every room. With quality audio distribution systems you can have full rich sound throughout your home.
With a whole house audio system designed to fit your lifestyle you can have a single stereo unit in one room and have sound in any room from that one source.


Whether business or residential, Olympic Security can provide the phones or phone system you need. Today's lifestyle demands a structured phone system, as seen with the prevalent use of such features as Call Waiting, Voice Mail, and Paging Services. We trust the quality and reliability of Panasonics KX-T 7030 series of phones. Features include: individually programmable buttons to suit the specific needs of any user, One-touch Automatic Redial, and an Alphanumeric Multi-purpose LCD Readout.

For the small or growing business we can provide a complete telephone system like the KX-T 61610. This modular switching system can support 6 central office lines and 16 extensions. Other features include: Automatic switching of day and night modes at a preset time and Station Message Recording, providing you with a complete record of all outgoing and/or incoming calls. You can also connect a variety of communication devices, such as cordless phones, answering machines, computer modems, credit card verifiers, fax machines, and any other devices that work with conventional telephone lines.

Closed Circuit Video

Overt surveillance can be a strong deterrent in crime and theft prevention. Closed Circuit Television or CCTV can also provide a sense of security to individuals working in hazardous environments. Whatever the application, be it monitoring an office, the company warehouse, or viewing who's at the main door, Closed Circuit Video can be designed to fit your needs.

CCTV is commonly coupled with Access Control Systems to manage traffic flow to and from secure areas. With the advances in video systems, surveillance may be implemented in many applications.

Covert Surveillance

We can provide highly specialized systems for covert video monitoring and evidence gathering. Our resources include trained personnel who can provide consultation and field work. Often assumed to be expensive, quality covert systems are more affordable than many homeowners know. In planning any covert recording or surveillance system, it is imperative that one be aware of potential legal restrictions involved. For example, in the State of Washington it is illegal to record audio without the prior consent of all parties being recorded. Video monitoring is permitted without notification, but privacy issues must be respected.

Some types of equipment are not available to U.S. citizens, unless affiliated with the law enforcement community. For other specialized systems and services please contact us privately.

Elan Dual Tuner

The DTNR provides two independent FM/AM tuners that can be accessed from anywhere in the home. Two-way RS-232 communications allow ELAN VIA!® Touch Panels to control the DTNR and display station status, presets, mono/stereo configuration, direct or preset tuning and more. No blind guessing when selecting a radio station. The information normally seen on a radio tuner’s display can now be viewed on all the VIA! Touch Panels in the house.

As many as 16 of your favorite radio stations can be custom-named and displayed on any VIA! Touch Panel so that it’s easy for you to find them—101.1 or WKQQ or ROCK—name them however you like. And the DTNR has 30 AM and 30 FM presets for each of its two turners that can be accessed using the front panel. That’s a total of 120 radio presets! The DTNR is easily controlled from any ELAN keypad as well. Standard keypad buttons can be intuitively assigned for tuning, preset and direct access control.

The DTNR ships with a handheld remote so it can be controlled through any IR receiver in the home.

The DTNR’s sensitivity, separation and signal-to-noise specifications are on par with the finest stand-alone tuners on the market, making for clear reception in all areas.

Elan Via!DJ Digital Jukebox

Elan Via!DJ Digital Jukebox

VIA!dj is a digital audio storage and music management system with a 250 gigabyte hard drive that gives you instant access to all your music from any VIA! Touch Panel or television in the home. With four discrete pairs of audio outputs, having one VIA!dj is like having four separate mega CD changers—each one capable of independently playing any song from your entire music collection—instantly, from any room.

Updated for 2005, the VIA!dj now has a Digital Jukebox feature that allows you to create a song list from your music collection which will play in the order you entered them. In the tradition of the classic American jukebox, just add as many songs as you like to the Jukebox list and let ‘em play! Also new, the dj can now rip CDs at 20x real-time speed from its front CD tray. Now you can add new music to the dj’s hard drive faster than ever before! It is now also possible to easily transfer music from the VIA!dj to portable digital music players, such as the Apple® iPod™, (using a PC) when you want to take your music on the move.

VIA!dj navigation is easy and intuitive with the large, full-color graphics displayed on VIA! Touch Panels. View the cover art of each CD. Select the music you want to listen to by artist name, CD title or song title, or select entire genres. Make your own play lists. Play back any CD, playlist or genre randomly or sequentially—do it all from anywhere you have a VIA! Touch Panel.

Four pairs of analog audio outputs allow you to listen to different tracks in different rooms simultaneously. The dj also features a digital audio output that allows you to share one of the analog outputs with a home theater.

The VIA!dj has a built-in modem which dials up on-line music information services and automatically downloads cover art and song lists. Data can also be downloaded using a DSL or cable modem connection through a home network. MP3 audio can be recorded in this fashion and added to your music collection.

Elan Video Door Station DSC2000

The DSC2000 is a full duplex door station with a miniature color CCTV camera built right in! The DSC2000 has a high-efficiency speaker that provides improved voice intelligibility and a wider frequency response over conventional intercom door stations; a supersensitive microphone that can pick up casual conversations up to 20 feet away; and a high-res, low-lux, wide-angle color CCTV camera that can withstand the harshest environments— all behind an attractive tarnish-proof faceplate that will add a touch of class to any home.

The DSC2000 comes with a separate lighted doorbell button for mounting on the door jamb. The doorbell button plate matches the Brass, Chrome or Ivory plate of the door station and has the same tarnish-proof zirconium nitride finish.

Elan Z-600 Communications Controller

Add whole-house telecommunications to any S12, S6, Z·630 or stand-alone system! ELAN was the pioneer in the integration of standard touch-tone telephones into distributed audio systems, and the Z·600 Comm Controller is the culmination of years of experience in this arena.

The concept is simple. Instead of walking up to a box mounted on the wall, all you need to do is pick up any telephone to communicate throughout the home. Easy-to-remember key presses initiate features such as Whole-House Paging, Phone-to-Phone Intercom, Two-Way Door Station Communications and Caller-On-Hold. Pages are heard over the same speakers that were installed for music distribution. If a caller is on hold, the Music-On-Hold feature will keep them entertained.

Additional features let you control door/gate latches and activate relay-controlled devices such as lighting and garage door openers from any touch-tone phone. Add up to two ELAN door stations and get digital door chimes broadcast throughout the home.

And the Z·600 isn’t just for use with ELAN systems—it’s a stand-alone component that integrates into any receiver-based system in lieu of an old-fashioned intercom!

Elan S12 Multi-Room Controller

Introducing ELAN’s most powerful and flexible multi-source/multi-zone controller to date—the System12 (S12).

The culmination of 14 years experience in the design and perfection of multi-source/multi-zone controllers, the S12 incorporates the features and reliability you have come to expect from ELAN.

Directly addressing the need to distribute more A/V sources to more rooms, the S12 has inputs for 12 audio sources and a built-in 16 x 16 high-definition video switcher. Eight additional Local Source Inputs allow you to place ‘private’ audio sources in each zone (i.e. a CD player in the master bedroom).

The on-board 16 x 16 video switcher provides the ultimate in flexibility. The S12 can route up to 16 composite video sources, such as DVD players, satellite TV and VCRs, to 16 TVs or touch panels. It can also distribute up to five component video sources and handle high definition video signals for house-wide distribution.

One S12 can independently access music and video in up to eight zones. And up to four S12s can be linked together, giving system designers the flexibility they need to create the system that’s just right for your home and lifestyle – 8, 16, 24 or 32 independent listening areas.

The S12 also incorporates a plethora of must-have features such as Whole-House Music, Dynamic Range Compression, Source Leveling, Bass and Treble EQ for each zone, Volume and EQ memory retention, and Audio/Video Source-Sensing for system feedback at keypads and touch panels.

The S12 integrates easily with ELAN’s Z·600 Communications Controller, providing you with ELAN’s patented telecommunication features such as phone-to-phone intercom, whole-house paging, 2-way door station communications, caller-on-hold, music-on-hold and more–all from your existing touch-tone telephones. ELAN color CCTV cameras can be connected directly to the S12 so you can also see who is at the door, as well as monitor pool areas, nurseries, etc. And since the S12 is compatible with each and every ELAN user interface, you can choose from a wide selection of in-wall or tabletop keypads and touch panels that best suit your needs or the décor of a particular room.

With the S12 there’s no need to skimp on how many sources you want available throughout your house, or the number of rooms you want to listen to them in.

Mirage MX-5.1 Surround Sound System

Mirage MX-5.1 Surround Sound System

Known around here as the "Bose Killer", Mirage brings their enveloping sound reproduction to your home in this compact, affordable package.

Offering “Minimum Exposure and Maximum Excitement,” the MX home theater system delivers big, immersive audio entertainment from our smallest set of speakers yet.
-Includes five palm-size speakers and a compact subwoofer cube
-Tiny, versatile package unobtrusively fits any lifestyle
-Delivers immersive 360º sound performances from any position
-Sleek and stylish high-gloss black cabinets
-Magnetically shielded to avoid TV interference
-Serious Wow Factor

Whether you want to relax to smooth tunes or host a movie screening, our MX home audio speakers serve up some serious wow factor—immersive sound that won’t drown out your décor or intrude upon your everyday lifestyle.

Consisting of five itty bitty speakers and a miniature subwoofer cube finished in high-gloss black, the MX is a sophisticated surround sound system that perfectly demonstrates what’s possible using all of today’s incredible technologies. In fact, its extremely high-performance drivers and components will blow you away, so hold on tight.

The MX also makes buying a home theater system stress free—everything comes neatly bundled in one box!

Watershed Design

Each two-way MX speaker has a maximum power handling of 100 watts, allowing it to work well with a wide variety of amplifiers. Inside each durable polycarbon enclosure, you’ll find a .63-inch pure titanium hybrid tweeter for warm, rich high frequencies and a 2.5-inch aluminum woofer for substantial, low distortion bass performance.

However, the fact that Mirage was able to apply its unique Omnipolar® technology to a product this size is the most impressive feature of them all—it’s what makes these small audio speakers sound huge and immersive. At the core of Omnipolar technology, you’ll find the patented Omniguide module, which has two deflectors. While one deflector rests on top of the speaker’s tweeter, the tweeter itself is housed in a deflector, suspended over the woofer. These combined elements distribute sound directly towards the listener, as well as reflect it off walls, ceilings and other surfaces—resulting in a 360-degree soundstage that evenly permeates the listening environment.

An 8-inch cube constructed of rigid MDF, the MX system’s MM-6 subwoofer employs an 800-watt amplifier, dual 6.5-inch black anodized aluminum passive radiators and a 6.5-inch black anodized aluminum cone woofer with an inverted Ribbed Elliptical Surround, delivering tight, powerful bass response with low distortion. The subwoofer also includes a proprietary protection circuit, letting you achieve clear bass at all volume levels. A low pass filter with bypass mode allows the subwoofer to blend perfectly with the other MX speakers, using the built-in crossover or a home theater receiver.

MX 5.1 Components
$600 Each (MSRP)MM-6
Our smallest powered subwoofer to date, the MM-6 packs intense, full-bodied bass into a miniature 8-inch cube that fills your room with magnificent sound.
$150 Each (MSRP)MX
Bookshelf Speaker
Even though it’s the smallest speaker we’ve ever made, the MX delivers big, immersive music and movie entertainment that will leave you in a state of utter disbelief.

Uni-Theater 3-in1 Flat Panel Speaker

The Uni-Theater® is a minimalist’s dream. Perfect for flat-panel displays, this innovative home theater solution brings you three channels of sound—left, center and right—and a room full of high fidelity, 360º sound in one horizontal cabinet.
Independent left, center and right speakers housed in one ingenious design
Lifestyle and flat-panel friendly design, with refreshingly crisp sonic character
Modern, unobtrusive cabinet available in brushed aluminum black or silver
Each chamber has a 3-inch woofer, dual 3-inch passive radiators and a 0.75-inch tweeter
Boundary compensation switch adjusts low-frequency response for wall or stand mounting
A One-Stop Shop for Audio
Easier than buying separate audio components, our Uni-Theater® puts three speakers—left, center and right channels—into one sleek cabinet, making it a no muss, no fuss purchase decision. Better yet, it captures the best of both worlds by looking great and not sounding like a lifestyle-friendly speaker at all.

Featuring high quality materials and exclusive technology, the Uni-Theater easily lets you enjoy immersive 360º music and movie performances from anywhere in your room. It handles front and rear sound distribution, while also conveying surround effects. It’s everything you need in one fell swoop, and it’s available in two designer finishes: brushed aluminum black or silver. And, while it complements flat-panel televisions perfectly, it also fits seamlessly into your room.

The Uni-Theater also offers placement ease. It comes with a flush-mountable wall bracket, allowing the speaker to protrude only as far as a standard flat-panel display. But if wall mounting isn’t in the cards, the Uni-Theater also includes a plate-glass and metal table stand that makes the speaker appear as if it’s “floating” above the base. A two-position boundary compensation switch on the back of the unit adjusts low-frequency response, allowing for unbeatable performances on or off the wall.

All in all, the Uni-Theater home audio solution single-handedly holds its own against many trios. Because we’ve managed to masterfully position three speaker channels into one horizontal cabinet that can handle both front and surround duties, this speaker is a minimalist’s dream. For those who don’t mind adding another speaker to the mix, you can pair the Uni-Theater with one of our subwoofers to round out the low end of the home theater experience.

Mirage OMD-5 Bookshelf Speaker

Mirage OMD-5 Bookshelf Speaker

A towering achievement in a bookshelf design, the OMD-5 has what it takes to bring movie theater or live concert entertainment to the comforts of home—all you have to do is add friends and family to make the experience complete.
Stunning style and sound in a small, versatile package
Enveloping 360º music and movie sound performances
Classy curved cabinet available in two high-gloss wood veneer finishes
5.5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter produce full-bodied entertainment
Patented Omniguide module and Ribbed Elliptical Surround yield one-of-a-kind results
Small Size, Significant Presence
Small and sophisticated, the OMD-5 bookshelf speaker generates music and movie performances of epic proportions. In fact, it’s designed to bring the ultimate sound illusion to rooms that simply can’t accommodate our larger OMD floorstanders.

The OMD-5 satellite uses premium materials and exclusive, modern technology to completely envelope you in pure sonic joy. And, its style is just as irresistible as its sound. The speaker’s curved handmade cabinet is beautifully finished in two exquisite high gloss wood veneers: piano black or rosewood. Sure, the OMD-5 is small enough to be tucked out of sight, but it’s so striking, you’ll probably want people to notice it.

Full of charisma, the OMD-5 makes you forget you’re listening to a tiny speaker, allowing you to go on stage with your favorite musician, or on the set of your favorite film. So, call your friends over and make your house the place to be every Friday and Saturday night.