"Big Box" or One Size Fits all Security


One Size is NEVER "quite" right...

Homes and Businesses face the very real threat of theft. But, that doesn't mean that every crime incident is the same or that protecting against theft should be a one-size fits all solution.

Each situation is unique - and so should be its Security System. Every premise faces risk specific to it's industry and/or location, and you need a Security System that caters to your unique needs.

For example; a car dealership located in an area that experiences frequent burglaries may need to install key cards to restrict access to its garage bays in order to prevent stolen tools, parts and equipment - before any thefts occur.

On the other hand, a restaurant, bar or retail store owner who travels between locations would benefit from remote monitoring, enabling them to engage a Security System while on the go. Plus, remote monitoring would allow the owner to both deter potential burglars and control the temperature of refrigerators, coolers and freezers to preserve inventory - letting the staff focus on providing excellent customer service.

Individualized Security measures can help owners rest easy by identifying, and better protecting security gaps in their home or business - even those that are often overlooked.

Unique Challenges

Before implementing any new security measures, it's important to identify your individual needs to build a comprehensive strategy - based on your input.

Car Dealerships / Retail

Car Dealerships and Retail Establishments face significant risk for crime. Vehicles are not the only valuable equipment on the lot; dealerships themselves consist of countless moving parts - all presenting opportunity for loss.

Vehicles, equipment, tools and parts can be removed from Service Bays (or, as they are moved around the Lot). Installing Cameras can help deter and provide evidence if an incident were to occur.

Retail Establishments: Inventory is always in motion. Product and equipment can be stolen or damaged as they are moved throughout the store.

Customer/Client confidential information must be protected (YOU do not want to be on the News). Using Access Control measures can limit access to areas containing this information.

In any busy environment, there are always many opportunities for folks to take advantage of Security flaws.


High table turnover rate means a booming business for a restaurant. Unfortunately, it also puts a restaurant at a greater risk for a robbery with plenty of cash on hand. Servers also have multiple opportunities to skim cash. While these concerns may seem obvious, there are other risks:

High employee turnover rates. With a quick turnover, former employees may retain codes or keys that allow access to the property, or they may even share the information with those that intend harm.

Refrigeration systems. Inventory loss due to refrigeration or freezer failure can set you back thousands of dollars. Alerts can provide peace of mind, and avert disaster.

Propping doors open. Propping open a back door near the kitchen or an exit can leave you vulnerable to internal as well as external theft of inventory, equipment, cash or, other materials.

Disruptions. Loitering can become a more costly issue than you realize. It likely discourages patrons, and lead to other disruptions, such as vandalism or even violent actions. This will all negatively impact daily business, as well as customer experience and ultimately profit.

Monitoring the business remotely, and with enhanced visibility can help give you the tools and knowledge you need to better prevent costly hidden problems.


A business with a large amount of foot traffic has to be concerned with shoplifters while also worrying about presenting enough merchandise to excite shoppers. Losing inventory to thieves not only impacts profits but, it can also disrupt inventory needs.

Building Security. A well designed Security System can help deter shoplifters and burglars that plan their thefts. They often learn how to exploit the Security measures of a specific building. Keep your Employees safe.

Limit access to File Rooms, Inventory, etc.. keep track of who is entering the back room by limited access to inventory and record movement with cameras. This information can also help determine what happened if items are missing.

A proactive Security System can help protect homes/ office buildings, product, customers, employees and business. Plus video surveillance provides owners with documentation that can aid local authorities in their investigation - if an incident were to occur.

Every Home and Business has unique Security challenges. Menus differ between restaurants, just like the performance of a car changes with the make and model. Why would Security be any different?

Protect your hard earned success from crime by selecting a local Security Partner that can design an easy to use Security Solution to tackle your unique needs - and help you focus on the business of your life!

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