Employees look to Employers for protection from workplace violence. OSCS can help!


The definition of Workplace Violence includes actions ranging from verbal abuse to physical assault, even death. Affected businesses pay a terrible toll. Workplace violence lowers employee morale, reduces productivity, causes quality workers to leave, increases insurance costs and liability risks. You see the stories in the news almost daily.

Bullying isn't Just for the Schoolyard

Bullying seriously impacts adults and is a form of workplace violence. A 2011 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found half of the respondents reported incidents of bullying where they work.

Employees in small shops, convenience, liquor and fast food restaurants suffer some of the highest rates of workplace violence. Frequently, they work in small numbers in businesses that are open throughout the night. With relatively high turnover rates, employees are frequently unfamiliar with procedures to handle an incident - including how and when to report incidents to the Police.

Being Proactive in Today's Society

So what can you, as an Employer do to limit the impacts of Workplace Violence on your Managers, Employees and Customers?

Begin by having zero tolerance for bullying, abuse and violence of any kind. Create clearly written policies and procedures for handling complaints by Employees. Create an environment where they feel safe reporting concerns without fear of retaliation. Make it clear that anyone bringing retaliation against another employee or customer will face disciplinary action up to, and including termination.

Take any and all threats seriously


Security equipment plays an important role in helping to mitigate workplace violence. Here's a look at some of the most relevant equipment and how it can help.

Locks - A lock and a sturdy door can create an instant, valuable barrier. Any space that unauthorized folks have no business accessing should be kept locked at all times.

CCTV/Cameras - Video Surveillance Systems - These systems can act as a deterrent to visitors who should not be on site. Example: After Hours, Loitering, Vandalism, Shoplifters/Theft. Criminals and bullies do not like to be monitored. During an emergency, these systems can provide a record of whoever is on site. They can also help to resolve any questions of the identity and guilt of a suspect. The video can also be shared with First responders.

Video Intercoms - Sitting safely behind a locked door, a guard or receptionist can see and speak with someone wanting to enter your building. If the Visitor is approved, a buzzer remotely unlocks the door or gate and allows entry.

Access Control - Employees carry an ID badge that allows entry to only those areas required to complete his or her job. lost or stolen cards can be replaced with just a few keystrokes, and for far less money that rekeying locks. It's very important to note; if an Employee is being terminated his or her access card can - and should - be immediately invalidated. This may help lock out a potentially hostile individual and prevent them from gaining re entry.

There is no one size fits all plan in helping to protect your Team from workplace violence. So, look for assistance from a Security Integrator that respects the challenges facing your business. The process will begin with an assessment and walk thru to help identify your needs.

Today's issues are complex. The information here is not intended to be a complete checklist for protecting your building (home or business). by enlisting the assistance of a knowledgeable security partner like Olympic Security & Communications Systems, you can take steps to help protect from these potential disruptions and stress.

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