Fall is Here!


We all know what that brings. Windstorms! Test your System.

This is a beautiful time of year here, in the Pacific Northwest - but, be prepared. Test your System.

Ensure that your Emergency Kit is in order: Flashlights, Lanterns, Water, Protein, Blankets, Jackets, Medications. We all know the drill. Do we do it? Ensure that you have some basics on hand. Test your System.


Be ready for our Rainy Season (6 months or so). It's what keeps this area beautiful! Test your System.

Keep in mind, the Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, etc are all open in the rain - enjoy!

Drive over the Pass, it's gorgeous this time of year! Test your System.

Watch those shows 'On Demand', Clean out & Paint 'That' Room, Take a Cooking Class or?

Most of all, enjoy the calm before the Holidays!

Test your alarm system.
Update your Emergency (ECL) Call List - if necessary. If you need Assistance with your Security, Monitoring, Fire System or if you are interested in obtaining one: Please call Olympic Security & Communication Systems 800-540-SAFE (7233) or 360-652-1088.
Did you Know? Olympic Security & Communication can also help you with your Home Theater? Call us!
Have FUN! Relax! Enjoy the peace of mind that a local, monitored system will bring to your home, and or Business -
Olympic Security & Communications Systems has been serving Western Washington for 25 years!