False Alarm Prevention Tips - From Olympic Security & Communications Systems


Did you know?

Three main causes of false alarms are: 1) User Error, 2) Installation/Service Errors, and 3) Equipment Failure

  • More than 80% of all false alarms are caused by user error

  • There are easy steps that you and you alarm dealer can partner with to prevent false alarms

  • False alarms present a serious threat to the effectiveness of our local Police, Fire and EMS departments, as well as to the safety of our citizens

  • False alarms are costly and dangerous because they divert Police Officers from proactive crime prevention efforts and can divert public safety responses from true emergency calls

  • You can be fined for false alarms.

  • Olympic Security & Communications is your local, experienced partner - in preventing CRIME and FINES

Major causes of false alarms:

  • Unlocked or loose windows, and doors

  • Children, neighbors, and visitors

  • Cleaning crews, repairmen, pet sitters

  • Pets or other wildlife

  • User error

  • Equipment malfunction is rarely the actual issue

Before you activate your Alarm System:

  • Have you been fully educated on proper operation of the system? This may include your cleaning crew, children, neighbor, caretakers, employees, and temporary staff (If not, or you are unsure - consider scheduling a service call for training)

  • Make sure that you securely close and lock all protected doors and windows

  • If you are leaving the home or business, ensure that the door is closed tight before you leave

  • Keep balloons, fans, heaters, etc. away from motion sensor areas

  • Changing your Phone Carrier? Inform the Alarm Company

  • Testing your system? Great! Inform the Alarm Company

  • Know, and practice the process to cancel an accidental alarm. Anyone with your key codes should know this process

  • Know how much time you have after you arm the system to EXIT

  • Know how much time you have to disarm the system upon ENTRY

What to do if I set my alarm off accidentally?

  • First, don't panic. Breathe. Carefully, enter your disarm code to reset the system

  • Wait for the Alarm (Monitoring) Company to call. Provide your password or ID #. Do not post your password or ID # near the control panel - keep it in a secure, safe place that you will remember

  • Do not leave the premise until you have talked with the monitoring station! If they do not call you, call them! Post the phone # near the control panel. This is critical to cancelling the police or fire dispatch

  • You can arrange to have your alarm company call you or another designated person FIRST, before the police/fire are called when your alarm is activated.

  • The key is keeping your Emergency Call List (ECL) updated

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