FREE! Is rarely "Free"


  • I am always interested in what the rest of the world is up to, and read just about everything. Recently, I received an eye popping Advertisement from another Security Provider. Free! Free! Free! I had to read it -

  • Free Home Security System, Free Door or Window Sensors, Free Wireless Remote Control, Free $100 Visa Gift Card, BONUS Free Digital Camera! No Cost to you for parts and activation with only a $99 Customer Installation Charge and the purchase of monthly alarm monitoring. (Terms and Conditions below):

  • There it is. The boring part that no one ever reads - Terms and Conditions below (in micro print)... The Sensors are free: IF your home is pre-wired. Monitoring is nearly $60 Per Month x 3 Years. The Visa Gift Card is fulfilled by a 3rd party provider. Shipping and Handling Fees apply. Labor Charges may apply. Installation starts at $399. Offer only applies to Homeowners. There is a Credit Check. It doesn't say who pays for that. Permits are Additional. There are Additional Fees to Utilize all Features. In addition you must authorize payment by Credit Card, or Electronic Charge. There is a Disclaimer that each offer is not valid with any other offers or discounts. Confused? Would you like fries with that? "Certain restrictions may apply". Clear as day - AND you haven't signed anything yet! (What happened to Rainbows, Unicorns and FREE?)

  • The truth is, nothing is ever FREE. Every responsible business needs to ensure a fair profit - not mislead the Client. In order to "give" you an item, they must charge you more somewhere else. Logic is Logic. Our goal is to provide you with the system you NEED, at a fair price. Not toss in some trinkets (that you can then pay to upgrade), at an inflated value. You work hard for your money, home and belongings. We protect what's important to you! After a thorough walk thru, Olympic Security will provide you with a SOP (Standard of Protection) that explains what each recommended item costs. If we can re use a portion of your existing system - we will! The goal is to provide you the best security system possible, within your budget. We are not going to promise you a "Free" or "Bonus" Value Item- to sell you a system. We will provide excellent Customer Service, and Real, Honest, Reliable, Value -everyday! We work to prevent surprises, and there is no fine print in our Offers.

  • At Olympic Security & Communications Systems, we have built our 27 year reputation on providing our Client with honest, fair pricing, exceptional, local Service Technician's, and Customer Service that understands your life - and your neighborhood. We live here, play here, and happen to work here - in Snohomish County, WA.

  • Olympic Security & Communications Systems can also help you with your Home Theater Needs.

  • Call Us: 800-540-SAFE (7233) Olympic Security & Communications Systems Services Washington State!