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The survey stated that millennial renters want a smart home too.

The Door Hardware Company Schlage conducted a study with Wakefield Research showing that millennials in multi family housing would pay more, or even give up other amenities, for smart home features.

Millennials are actually one of the biggest audiences for multi-family property today, said Ann Matheis, Marketing Director for Schlage. They are moving out of college and into their 1st apartments. They are accustomed to certain amenities. They often grew up with a home security system. Also, Colleges sometimes have access control through fobs or mobile phones.

50 percent of the renters today feel that their apartment's current amenities are outdated. So, there's a huge market for renovations and upgrading existing apartment (multi family) dwellings to kind of... compete, really, with all of the new construction going up. Olympic Security & Communications Systems can often re use or add on to existing equipment or, install a completely new system. The system is tailored to you!

An interesting topic that arose was that 44 percent of millennials vs just 29 percent of (baby) boomers, would actually give up a parking space to live in a 'high tech' apartment, said Matheis. Renters also stated that they would be willing to pay approximately 20% more to access these home features.

Forty five percent of the respondents felt that physical keys will become obsolete within the next 10 years.

The nationwide survey included input from 1000 U.S. renters in multi family housing.

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