I know it's not nice to PROFILE but, let's discuss the Modern Burglar -


They say that when you fight a battle - know your enemy. It's the only way to stop them. Property crimes, such as home burglaries are among the wars of civilized society. The Federal Bureau of Investigation reflects an estimated 1.73 million cases of burglaries in 2014. That was 5000 homes being burglarized every day, or nearly 200 homes every hour. Think about it for a second. That was 2 years ago!


What are the characteristics of a burglar? Are they generally professionals or amateurs? What is their weapon or tool of choice? Do they only work at night? What is their motivation? What scares them - if anything?


Most burglars obviously don't want to be talked about. However, the modern burglar has evolved with technique and technology. They are no longer the masked skalleywag with sophisticated tools. The average modern burglar is an average male, some in their teens. They are typically in their mid twenties, and have had one or two run ins with the law.


They need cash.


What do burglars look for in a home? Their needs and concerns are immediate and basic, not something to fund their future. They are looking for items that they can easily exchange for money: electronics, jewelry, coins, etc...


It pays to know your neighbors well. You might be surprised to find that one of them is working behind your back. Studies reflect that the typical, modern burglar lives within two miles of their victims, and may even know them personally. They watch their targets closely: what time they leave, what time they return - their daily routine. This is a good reminder to always be careful of the people that you allow in your home. They could be creating a map of your home inside their head.

Some Burglars have jobs too!


Don't feel sorry for them, and don't make excuses for them. Most are very able bodied, and some actually have regular jobs. Be wary of people who deliver packages, ensure that the repairman that fixes things inside the house - is from a reputable company. Never allow a door to door salesperson to 'step inside'


Through the Front Door:


Keep in mind, this guy is not a rocket scientist. He's not some genius that is going to figure out a brilliant way to enter your home from the roof or underground. He just isn't. Most of the time, he enters through the unlocked front door, after he knocks to see if anyone's home! Windows, back doors, and the garage door are also wonderful invitations for the burglar.


Our most common mindset is that the burglar works at night. Actually, the modern burglar works during broad daylight - when you think you're safe. 10am - 3pm is their favorite time. This is when everyone is busy. Parents are at work, kids are at school. Everyone is unsuspecting, and going about their day.


Their set of tools is not sophisticated. Some of them just kick the door in. Some use a screwdriver, a crowbar, or a hammer.


If your still convinced that a home alarm system is yet another overrated home accessory, think again. Convicted Burglars themselves admit that when a home has a burglar alarm, they are most likely to move along. They want an easier target. 


Keep In Mind -


If they can't get in and out quickly, they leave. Burglars aim to enter a home in 60 seconds or less. The typical burglar spends between 8 and 10 minutes rummaging thru the house, then he's gone. He does not want to spend an extra minute. Make it difficult for him.


Never underestimate a burglar. Remember, they have social media, they may be your "friend" or, a friend of a friend - do not post your vacation or day trip plans ahead of time. Post your pictures and memories after you return home.