Merry Christmas from Olympic Security & Communications Systems


The Holiday Season is finally here, and everyone is feeling festive - including at work. Keep in mind, whether you're decorating your workstation or participating in the Office Potluck - safety is always important:


Do not stand on a wheeled chair to hang decorations-period. Use a stepladder. Never hang decorations from the sprinkler system - they can prevent the sprinklers from functioning properly. OSHA regulations state that stacked materials should never be closer than 18 inches below the sprinkler.

Festive lights? Other electrical items in your workspace? Please ensure that all electrical items are UL Certified. Inspect all items for fraying or damage - prior to use. Avoid overloading electrical outlets with too many decorations or devices (remember A Christmas Story?) - they can overheat and cause a fire.

Using an extension cord? Use caution in high-traffice areas to prevent falls. Never extend the length of an extension cord by connecting multiple extension cords together. Never nail or staple extension cords to walls - you can damage existing wire insulation. Do not place extension cords in walls or ceilings, this can cause the cords to overheat.

Food Safety

Are you attending or planning a Potluck? YUM! Keep these safety tips in mind:

Always wash your hands before and after handling food, serve prepared dishes on clean plates - never on dishes that previously held raw, or partially cooked meat.

If you're preparing a dish ahead of time that contains meat, ensure that the meat's internal temperature reaches the proper temperature - prior to serving. USDA recommends cooking raw beef, pork, lamb and veal to a minimum internal temperature of 145F. Raw ground beef, pork, lamb or veal to an internal temperature of 160F. Poultry items should be a minimum of 165F.

Concerned about a questionable casserole or salad? If it's been sitting out at room temperature for more than 2 hours, just say "No". Keep Hot foods Hot. You can use chafing dishes, or slow cookers to keep foods at safe temperatures. Keep Cold foods Cold. An easy way to keep foods cold is to place dishes in bowls of ice, replenish as needed.

Finally, remember to drive safe! If your Party is serving alcohol - plan your designated Driver ahead of time.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

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