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The Olympic Security & Communications Family wishes you and your Family the merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of Holidays - whatever you celebrate! We will be here, keeping you and yours safe throughout 2020 and beyond.


An Introduction to Monitoring:
Alarm systems are not that difficult to understand. Basically they consist of
sensors such as a door alarm or heat detector that is connected to what we
call an “alarm panel.” This is the part of your system that communicates with us.
When an alarm panel senses intrusion, fire, environmental or a PERS alarm—the
panel sends a signal to our monitoring centers. This signal can be sent over
the Internet (IP), cellular phone, radio or standard phone line.
Our monitoring centers are UL Listed for burglary and fire protective
signaling. These centers are located across the United States but networked
together to quickly route alarm traffic during adverse conditions—like bad
weather. This allows us to balance calls so each of our three centers can operate
at its full potential, providing you with reliable, quick and accurate response
to your alarms—no matter what nature throws at us. The operators at our
monitoring centers respond to your alarm and dispatch authorities, if necessary

Here are Some Alarm Signals We Handle on a Daily Basis:
Burglary/Tamper: This signal is sent when your alarm system has been
violated in a protected area—help will be on the way.
Cancel/Abort: This signal is sent when you stop the transmission
of alarm signal—you may have accidentally set off a door alarm letting
the dog out, etc.
Environmental: These signals are sent from sensors that monitor water,
temperature levels or other environmental concerns.
Fire Signal: This is any signal sent from fire or smoke
detection device
Fire Trouble: This signal may indicate decreased
performance or suggest maintenance for your system
Hold-up/Panic: This signal is sent from a home or business when
a robbery or other dangerous event is unfolding.
Low Battery: This signal tells us that the system battery for your alarm
panel is operating at less than optimum voltage
PERS: A signal is sent from a PERS emergency device or a PERS code can
be sent from your keypad
Power Failure: This signal is sent when there is a power failure—important
for a business or home with critical pumps or
refrigeration units.
There are many other functions that can be monitored. Ask one of
our security consultants for complete details.
Call us first for monitoring
you can count on!
Monitoring in Good Times or Bad
Your distress signal will
always be handled, even when bad
weather strikes. Our high level of training
assures your alarm will be handled in
a timely manner with by a highly
skilled operator.
We’ll be there for you 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Olympic Security & Communications Systems is Thankful for our Team and for our Client's.

Enjoy, Relax and we look forward to assisting YOU soon! Thank you!

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