Over the Air LTE Cellular Module Updates


Resideo is Performing Over-the-Air Firmware Updates on LTE Communicators
Due to LTE network updates from Verizon and AT&T, Resideo is updating the cellular module software on active LTE communicators. This requires no action from the account’s, dealer's, or central station. Resideo will be pushing this new firmware to the LTE communicators over-the-air.

Please note: The Over-the-Air cellular module software update will generate the following Contact ID messages at the start and end of the firmware update:
Contact ID Description
E 365 Cell Software Update Start
R 365 Cell Software Update Finish
E 366 Cell Software Update Failed

Resideo will be first performing these updates to Verizon LTE communicators, with AT&T to follow upon completion. This process is already underway. If a cellular software update fails, Resideo will push the firmware again.

LTE communicators allow Resideo to push these updates over-the-air, which is just one more reason to begin upgrading to LTE today!

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