Parking Lot Safety


SPRING! It may have finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. We all LOVE Spring, so do Criminals.

Lately, I have seen several local notices and postings about increased car prowls, break in and thefts.

- Always be aware -

Please, do not be fooled into believing that "Just because it's not dark - I'm safe"


Working Security Cameras are a great deterrent to crime. Thieves know them, and often look for them. Law Enforcement has come to rely on the Data that they can provide - to help solve crimes.

Security Cameras differ greatly in quality. With some, you can basically identify a blob, a man, a dog or, up to reading license plates and seeing a clear image of their face (depending on angle and camera quality). Olympic Security & Communications Systems can assist you with these choices - whether it be for your Business or, your Home.

Do NOT place signage indicating that you have s Security Camera - when you do not. There may be a level of legal liability in that. You simply do not want that implication.


Please be aware, and diligent. Do not leave any valuables in your car. Prowlers often watch to see if you are carrying your purse or, if you have stowed your belongings in your trunk area.

Olympic Security & Communications Systems, located here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (since 1989) - appreciates YOU!

Olympic Security & Communications Systems is YOUR Local, Licensed Honeywell Dealer -

Test your alarm system.

Update your Emergency (ECL) Call List - if necessary.

If you need Assistance with your Security, Monitoring, Fire System or, if you are interested in obtaining one:
Please call Olympic Security & Communications Systems 800-540-SAFE (7233) or 360-652-1088.
Did you Know? Olympic Security & Communications Systems can also help you with your Camera Surveillance, Remote Doorbell, and Smartphone Apps? Call us!
Have FUN! Relax! Enjoy the peace of mind that a local, monitored system will bring to your home, and or Business -
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