Remember when your kids thought you were "Magic"?



Olympic Security & Communications Systems may just give you some of that 'Street Cred' back - with your family anyway!

We know, everyone is busier than ever, right? Working, Carpooling, Summer, Vacation, Kids, Pets, Groceries - let alone FUN with friends and family! You get to your destination, and wonder - is the door locked, did I close the garage, did I unplug my curling iron, did I leave a light on? Right?! We've all done it. Your choice is; you either fret and worry-or, you drive back home to check. Neither one is ideal or fun but, we're grownups - right?!

Well, here is where YOU can be the Hero. Honeywell Total Connect offers Remote Services. What does this mean? It's 'just' a Security System-right? Wrong! It is a Security System + SO MUCH MORE

Total Connect can allow you to keep in touch with your property and/or family - all depending on how it is set up/configured. Please keep in mind, the system can be as simple, or as elaborate as YOU like. Olympic Security & Communications Systems does not install "out of the box" systems. YOU are always in control. Here are a few possible scenarios:

  • Summer/Vacation Homes: Monitor the property, receive notification alerts from a P.C., Smartphone or Tablet when an event occurs. Add Z-wave enabled thermostats, so you can adjust the temperature-when you are not there.

  • Homes/Business: Access to Door Locks, Lamp Modules (turn lights off/on), adjust the Thermostat, Set Up Camera's - you can monitor the kids &/or babysitter. Place a camera at the Front Door. You can even control "TV time" - if needed. Every person and home are different, the options are endless!

YOU can be the Magnum PI of your own home, or your vacation home, or your Storage Shed, or your RV, Garage, or?

Total Connect 2.0 is also able to communicate in four (4) Languages! English, Latin American, Spanish, French Canadian and Brazilian Portuguese. You are able to choose the preferred language from the drop down menu at the Log In on the Honeywell Total Connect account in the user profile section.

Here's what you can do:

  • Set up rules, Events and Notifications and Video Settings (in any of the 4 languages)

  • Use Mobile Devices to stay connected to home or business 24/7

  • Remotely look in on Kids, Babysitters, Employee's, Elderly Relatives, Contractors and Pets

  • Receive Alerts (in any of the 4 languages) on important System Events in Real Time

How is all of this accomplished? Call us! 800-540-SAFE (7233). We will Clarify what you would like, Identify what you need, Define any Problems or Concerns - then provide you with a proposal. Our goal is to provide the BEST system for YOU.