Safety, Snow, Scams, Oh My!

Snow, Snow Go Away!

Snow blankets Smokey Point at the height of the storms temp-post-image

After four separate winter blasts in a week, City staff is now working to dig out neighborhood streets and prevent localized flooding from blocked storm drains.

The City's three plows were out 24 hours a day for 10 days to clear the remnants of Mother Nature's wrath off of primary arterials and main streets. Two additional plows worked to keep the Airport's runways open through part of the storm. Many locations in town reported snow accumulation of over 2 feet. Arlington, WA Police responded to 25 collisions in those 10 days.

Local residents will still see crews using plows and trucks to clear snow off of storm drains to prevent localized flooding. If you see a location with localized flooding from a storm drain and you cannot clear it, please call 360-403-3541 during business hours. After hours, call 360-618-2166. Once the snow is gone, street sweeping and cleaning storm drains will begin to clear the sand used to help with traction during the storm.

Thank you to all of our neighbors and businesses for their patience and support during the storms. Many of you heeded the advice and warnings to stay home, which made the City's work to clear the streets easier. It also kept calls for emergency services lower than anticipated.

Please be assured: Olympic Security & Communications Systems Clients remained safely Monitored 24hrs a day by our Central Monitoring System.

Scam Alert from the Arlington Police Department:


Those scammers are at it again!

This time, scammers are spoofing the Arlington PD phone number, using a name that is close to one of our local officer's names and telling unwitting victims that they have a warrant out for their arrest. The victims are instructed to wire money or purchase gift cards for Google Play, Visa, or other merchants and call the suspect back to pay the "money owed" and take care of the warrant.

No law enforcement or court personnel will EVER call you to demand money over the phone.

Please share this message with your loved ones, neighbors and community members. It is often our most vulnerable community members who fall victim to these crimes.

If you do receive such a call: jot down the phone number from your caller ID, hang up and call 911 to report it. Please help spread the word!

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