Snohomish County Homeowner uses Doorbell Speaker to Spook would be Burglar (on Roof!)


SNOHOMISH COUNTY — When a local homeowner's home security system told him there was a strange man at his door, he knew it wouldn’t be good.

But thanks to a security system that talks through his doorbell, he was able to scare the would-be burglar off. And now he’s suggesting other homeowners be vigilant themselves.


The homeowner was away from his Snohomish County home Friday when he received an alert through his cellphone that someone was ringing his doorbell. He logged into his security camera online, and spotted a white man in jeans and a puffy vest knocking at his door.

"It's a guy at my door that doesn't look like he should be there."

The man knocks a few more times, and then appears to leave. Only moments later, however, he returns wearing gloves and hops on the roof.

Watching the events unfold, he yelled at the man through his doorbell security system.

"I was yelling at him through the doorbell," saying he told the burglar he was calling police.

The noise and yelling spooked the burglar, who took off. Police haven't been able to catch him. He also wonders if it's the same burglar who is stealing his neighbors' mail.

Without the security system, he may have been out of luck.

"Your best defense is to lock things." "Maybe he wouldn't have gotten into my house, maybe he would have given up since my windows were locked."

Police encourage homeowners to keep their windows locked, advertise there's an alarm system, and get sensors and security cameras for deterring criminals.

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