Spam Calls: How are they affecting the Alarm Industry?

Spam Calls: How are they affecting the Security Industry?
by Jennifer Marshall
Marketing & Communications Manager, CMS
The most important role a monitoring center plays is that of a life saver. In the life safety business it's important that operators work quickly. It's also crucial that they reach subscribers when calling

Unfortunately, unanswered phone calls have become common place in our world, primarily due to the vast increase in Spam calls, robocalls, and call spoofing. Subscribers not picking up calls are a growing problem for central station operators. 68% of outbound calls placed by CMS' monitoring representatives go unanswered

Calls not being answered by subscribers can delay the notification process, increasing the likelihood of false alarms, loss of life or property. To learn more about how Spam Calls are affecting daily activities in the monitoring center, what Alarm Dealers can do to help, and what CMS is doing please take a moment to review the following document:
Communication Tactics: Battling Spam Calls

Communication Breakdown -

The most important role of your Monitoring Center plays is that of a life saver

In the life safety business it is crucial that operators reach subscribers quickly

Unanswered phone calls delay the notification process, increasing the likelihood of false alarms, loss of life or property

Why are so many calls going unanswered?

68% of calls placed by the Monitoring Center go unanswered

Consumers aren't answering their phones because of "scam" calls


When answering the phone you hear a recorded message, it's a Robocall

Robocalls are illegal if the caller is trying to sell you something, unless you've given the company written permission to solicit you

Often trying to simply collect your personal data in order to commit fraud against you


Scammers decide what displays on caller ID

Often times they will make it look like a local call, consumers are more likely to answer if they think the call is coming from a "neighbor"

Automated Dialing Software can be operated from anywhere in the world, calling thousands of consumers instantly, and for a low cost per call (think fractions of a cent)

On average 3-5% of consumers who receive scam calls respond to or succumb to demands, resulting in millions of dollars of profit for the scam callers

Risk for scammers is low, identification of spoofed numbers and scam calls rely on antiquated Caller ID systems that are regulated by phone carriers, not the FCC

Stopping Robocalls & Spoofing

Spam calls have become one of the FCC's top consumer complaints in recents years. Consumer complaints to the FCC regarding spam calls have been reportedly as high as 10,000 per day

The FCC is empowering phone companies to block calls before they reach customers based solely on call analytics. The consumers have no say in this process

Working to set new standards for major phone carriers surrounding upgrades to caller ID systems, the FCC has committed to completing their plan by the end of 2019

Increasing fines to spoofers, including fines issued by the FCC for over $240 million against three telemarketers in the US for illegal caller ID spoofing

Don't Hang On, Hang Up! campaign launched by the FCC is potentially problematic for Monitored Alarm Systems. Not only does this campaign urge consumers to not answer calls from unfamiliar numbers, it also tells them to hang up if the caller sounds unfamiliar or scripted

In addition to phone carriers automatically blocking calls, consumers can ask carriers to block calls from numbers that are not saved to their phone's contact list

Do not call lists can be helpful to consumers who want to block unwanted calls, but will only block "legal" telemarketers, scam callers don't play by the same rules

Consumers are also using third party apps to block calls, YouMail, Hiya, Nomorobo, TruCaller, First Orion, Blacklist, MtNumber and TNS to name a few

Third Party Apps are causing problems for monitoring centers who call from toll free numbers, typically 800 numbers are the only criteria these apps are looking for

Save to Contacts

Subscribers need to save Olympic Security's phone number and the Monitoring Station's phone number in their contacts. It seems simple, but this can prevent phone carriers from blocking the call!

Sign up for Email or SMS Text Notification. This will add another layer to how you are notified of any Events. Existing Total Connect Clients already enjoy the ability to receive Email Notifications

Please notify Olympic Security if you would like sign up for SMS Text Notifications

Olympic Security & Communications Systems is dedicated to working with our Clients to overcome the obstacles involving Spam/Robocalls. Please contact us at 360-652-1088 if you would like to add Email or Text Notification to your Communication Pathway. You can also email:

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