Summer in the Pacific Northwest, is there anything more beautiful?


We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area here in the Pacific Northwest, especially when the sun is out! If you’re looking to get outside and enjoy quality time with friends and family, check out some of these venues.

1. Cherry Creek Falls Hike (Duvall Area)
2. Fire on the beach at Golden Gardens (Seattle Area)
3. Canoeing on Lake Washington/Arboretum (UW Waterfront Activity Center)
4. Bike Riding on Centennial Trail (Snohomish)
5. Jetty Island (Everett area NOTE: Free Ferry begins operation on July 5th)
6. Snohomish Aquatic Center
7. Farmer’s Markets on Sundays at the Everett Waterfront, there is also Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Bellingham, etc... Check your local papers



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