Testing your Alarm System, Storms, Having work done in your home...


Your alarm system is what keeps you, your family and/or your business safe. You installed it for a reason - you want to protect your business and home from invaders. An alarm system is useless if it malfunctions or misfires. Just like a smoke alarm, it's important to conduct testing of your alarm system to ensure that it's working properly. Why? How often?

The answers are below:


Your (any) system could stop running for several different reasons but, some of them may be undetectable to you until you check. It could be something as simple as a power outage. You may have switched phone providers, and forgot to tell us - so, you won't be able to disable the alarm or call for help when necessary. It's much better to find this out and fix any concerns prior to an actual emergency!


Olympic Security & Communications Systems recommends that you check your alarm system each month. It only takes a few minutes: First, you will need to call the Central Monitoring Station at 1-888-293-7797 to alert them of your testing.They will need to place your Account on "test". This prevents false alarms, or dispatch.

To test, set the alarm as if you were leaving, open the door that you would normally enter/exit from. After a full 45 seconds of the alarm sounding, disable it (as if you were returning home), call the Central Station (1-888-293-7797) once more. Verify that they have received your test signals. They will also need to take your system off of "test". If signals were not received, call Olympic Security & Communications Systems at 1-800-540-SAFE (7233) to schedule a Service Call. That's it!

You should check your system at regular intervals, as well as whenever you experience a power outage or brown out. Other times include after anyone has done work inside your home, or if you've done construction. Also, check your alarm if you have changed phone or internet providers. Essentially, if there are any changes to your home, business or network - it may be safe to give it a quick test.

There are no additional charges for testing your system, and is truly "cheap insurance" to ensure that all is well.

If you have any additional questions or, are unsure - please feel free to give us a call!

Olympic Security & Communications Systems 800-540-SAFE (7233)