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It is estimated that approximately 22% of homeowners in North America have a security system installed. Honeywell has conducted extensive consumer research, and it has been found that the large percentage of the people that do not have a Security System don't feel motivated or threatened because they have a dog, a gun, or, feel that they live in a safe neighborhood. They may have never been the victim of a crime. These same people often seek to be in the know of the things in their lives, and want hands on involvement with their home. This group of consumers is sometimes referred to as "Reassurance Seekers." They are simply not interested in a Security System. However, they may be interested in video for non-security related items such as checking in on their children, elderly parents, or their pets.


Total Connect Video Service has many commercial applications as well. Owners of small commercial offices, restaurants, retail stores and other commercial establishments may realize the benefits of looking in on Employees, Customers, and Assets when they are Off Premise. Being notified of suspicious behavior, entry into unauthorized or hazardous areas can be of great value. There is also the value of being able to remotely monitor customer traffic, and satisfaction.

Total Connect Remote Services is a suite of enhanced services that directly interfaces with a Honeywell control panel. Remote services include viewing the status or controlling the alarm system via a PC or other web enabled device, and receiving email or text notifications of selected events.

Total Connect Video (TCV) Services can be used in combination with remote services or, it can be used alone. TCV does not require a security system to operate. TCV requires a AlarmNEt account and is enabled during the account set up. TCV can use Honeywell IP cameras, an optional WAP (Wireless Access Point) or conventional non IP cameras with an ACU (Analog Camera Unit).


All TCV products and services are technically "stand alone", meaning they work without a security system or security communicator. However, you may add video services as another 'layer' to your current security system.

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