US Congress Passes Bill Banning Dahua and Hikvision Cameras


How It Passed

In May, this ban was introduced as an amendment to the House version of the NDAA defense appropriations bill. However, at that time, the Senate did not include such a ban, raising hopes by Dahua and Hikvision that the ban would be removed in the reconciliation process. However, reconciliation included the ban and both the House and Senate easily passed the bill with the ban.

Bill Ban

The reconciled bill is 1,360 pages covering a vast array of government regulations including the bans of Dahua and Hikvision for US government usage. The relevant section (p322 to 323) is:

Possible Expansion

One important possible expansion of the ban is a new clause calling out 'critical infrastructure' and 'national security purposes':

It is not clear if the bill bans use of Dahua and Hikvision in those areas but, if it did, it would significantly increase the impact as many non-governmental organizations could fall under those categories (utilities, banks, etc.)

Ban Starts 1 Year After Enacted

The bill says this 'prohibition' will start one year after it is enacted, which would put that in H2 2019:

However, in practice, the ban is immediate given the elimination clause.

Remove Existing Dahua and Hikvision Systems

Compounding the problem for Dahua and Hikvision, the bill includes a directive to 'phase-out' and 'eliminate' the use of existing equipment.

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