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Total Connect Web and App Updates

Camera Privacy, Made Easy

There is a new camera setting option with the ability to “turn on camera privacy when security is disarmed.” Enabling this new setting will automatically turn the camera privacy feature on for Total Connect HD Video Cameras when the security system is disarmed. Once the system is armed again, the camera privacy mode will be turned off. Putting a camera in privacy mode means your camera cannot be viewed and will not record. Once privacy mode is turned off, the camera will resume its normal full functionality. This new setting gives users more peace of mind, and simplifies their experience. This feature will need to be turned on in each individual camera’s settings.


No Activity Alerts

The Total Connect website, iOS and Android app now offers the ability to create a notification for no activity. Users can set up a notification to be alerted during a specific time frame when there has been no sensor activity or if the alarm system has not been set. For example, if an elderly family member lives alone and the user wants to ensure that they are up and moving around in their home, the user can easily set up a notification for no activity. If the elderly person fails to open a door, walk past a sensor, etc., the user will be notified. This can be configured under the notification settings: Select Security, System, and No Activity Alert. This feature may only be used when the system is in a disarmed state and may be configured for a 1-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour, 12-hour or 24-hour time frame.

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