Fire Alarm Systems

Confidence Testing and Certification


Be assured the system will work when needed through an active inspection and preventative maintenance program. Required by codes and standards, our services are complete, code-compliant and professional.

Monitoring is the basis of outside response to an event at your facility, business or home. Alarm signals, test and maintenance events must be assuredly delivered and acted upon to afford the safety and peace-of-mind you expect.

Fire Alarm Systems

Olympic Security offers a large selection of fire detection and notification products that vary in both price and complexity.   This allows us to customize a system to specifically meet our customer’s needs. A system that allows them to detect threats to their businesses and homes long before catastrophe strikes.  Our fire alarm control panels can be engineered to fit the unique fire protection needs of both our residential and commercial customers, systems that protect both the buildings and its occupants.

Fire Monitoring Stations

Fire alarm systems save lives by alerting on-site security, the fire department, and your staff of the fire. If you do not have on-site security monitoring station the system will contact the monitoring station which in turn will contact the fire department and provide you with the best protection possible. Our fire detection systems allow for affordable and reliable protection that complies with mandatory fire codes.  For complete maximization of protection our systems allow for manual activation as well and automatic; smoke detectors offer additional protection and peace of mind; systems have the ability to send signals indicating obstruction levels have been reached and maintenance is required to avoid false alarms; water flow systems can help prevent water damage; and the monitoring station is notified anytime water begins to flow through a sprinkler system as to minimize and/or prevent water damage.