Monitoring, Testing & Certification of Systems

Access Control Systems

Designed to control the flow of people to or from an area, these systems are also used for many other functions, ranging from machine operator authorizations to time keeping to building security and automation.

A typical access control system will consist of a door or gate, an electrically controlled locking device, an authorization device (card reader) and a means of exit. This is usually expanded to include door position sensing, automatic exit sensors and a local alarm audible/visual device.

Alarm Testing

In order to ensure proper protection of your home and family, it is very important to test your security system on a regular basis for proper operation. Frequent tests provide two major benefits. They will help catch potential problems and identify service needs, if any. During tests is the perfect time to confirm that every member of the household knows how to operate the system correctly! If you have any questions or would like to schedule service call 800-540-SAFE.