Systems Integration, Situational Awareness & Mass Notification

A Systems Integrator is much more than an alarm or access control company. The term “integrate” in this context is to combine resources of differing function and/or nature into a cohesive system to achieve a more comprehensive solution to the need at hand. Integration can take a variety of forms, often combined in creative ways to take advantage of unique characteristics that have common function or output. Depending on the goals of the client, we may integrate multiple systems via software, hardware and “wetware” (people and process). In simple form it may be a door position sensor that is monitored for how long it is open during the day and then acts as an intrusion sensor at night. This integrates the access controller with the security controller and can reduce hardware needs, complexity and lower maintenance costs.

Situational Awareness is just that – letting people know of a situation whether it’s the presence of activity in a certain area, an maintenance situation or an emergency requiring immediate action. This can quickly roll into the application of a Mass Notification System (MNS) that may use loudspeakers, email, texts, robo-calls or other means to let the appropriate people know the nature of the situation.

Olympic Security & Communications Systems, through our own expertise as well as that of our greater network of experts, can help to design, build and implement the best solution for your need.