Are you affiliated with Olympic Security Services?

No, we are an independent contractor in Arlington. We share our name with many other businesses, honoring our heritage and home in the shadows of the Olympic Peninsula.

Do you install systems in existing homes or homes being built?

We install in both new and existing construction. We also install systems in businesses. One advantage of using an experienced custom installer is that we can generally conceal all wiring used in your home.

How long does a typical installation take?

In many cases a security or audio system can be installed in about a day. Many projects take more time, depending on complexity and scope. While remaining competetive, we try to allocated enough time to be as thorough as possible. We build all of your systems to be trouble-free.

How much does a basic system cost?

That depends entirely on the extent of the system, as well as the difficulty level. A common security system may run anywhere from $300 to $3000 or more. Audio and surround-sound systems can be from $500 to $5000 and beyond. The only way to accurately estimate a system is to do an on-site or blueprint survey.

How long have you served customers in Western Washington?

We have been in business since 1989.
Do you monitor the systems you install?

Yes, we do. We use a professional, UL listed central station located within Washington State for those that prefer local monitoring and for fire alarm monitoring systems. National monitoring is also provided through a UL listed contract station when the circumstance warrants it.

How much will monitoring cost me each month?

The industry varies from $20 or less to well over $30 per month for a security system. Our basic rate is currently $22 per month for residential and $25 commercial. These may be adjusted based on extended services provided or special circumstance.

Why is monitoring important?

It assures that you will receive a response to an event at your home or business. While you are away somebody may be able to stop by and take care of a broken window or flooded basement for you. It is also common for many insurance companies to offer a discount on your homeowners policy for a monitored system.

What brands of equipment does your company install? Why?

We can get, and are capable of working on, just about any system made. But in the interest of quality and expertise we have standardized on the Honeywell family of products. These are reliable, flexible and very easy for the end user to understand. They also provide the most power for the money that we have seen. We are an Avigilon dealer of high-definition video, Siemens and Silent Knight brands of fire alarm systems and much more. It is important to note that we will always select the most appropriate product for your application.

Do you guarantee your work?

We fully warrant our work for labor and materials for one year, longer in some cases depending on the nature of a rare failure that may occur. If the equipment manufacturer provides a longer warranty, then we will pass that along to our customers as well.

Who do I call if I have a problem with my system?

Call us at 800-540-7233 and we will help you. If we cannot be reached then the Central Station can page a technician for you. Please refer to your account card for the telephone number and your identification code.

How much do service calls cost?

Outside of warranty terms our service rate is $95 to $145 per hour, depending on the system and the time of dispatch.
If my alarm is tripped accidentally who should I notify?

Immediately disarm the system and call the Central Station.

What other systems do you install?

We install a variety of low-voltage systems, including audio, video, intercom, data, automation, card access and video surveillance.
Can you repair/ service brands of systems you do not install?

Usually yes. Call us for details.
Do you offer any perks to customers new and existing for referrals?

We reward our customers with monitoring credits for a referral.

Other companies communicate with their clients via a monthly newsletter. Do you provide such a service?

We publish a quarterly newsletter that goes to all our customers, monitored and non-monitored. If you are a customer, and do not receive this, please let us know.
Why should I choose Olympic Security over another company?

Because quality and service count